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THE RIGHT  WAY TO EASY ETIQUETTE        copyright 2010

Your name badge is worn near your right shoulder.

Wait for the elevator on the right side of the door opening.

Approach your chair from the right side to be seated.

Liquids are on the upper right hand side of your place setting.

Food is passed to your right at the table.

What is the right way to chew gum?

Never in public!

 What's left? Much more to easy etiquette...


SAMPLE program


Objective: Awareness of manners and etiquette; how these skills lead to self-confidence and leadership skills

Week one:  Introduction to Manners and Etiquette; History of Dining Etiquette

Week two:  European and American Dining Styles

Week three: Communications and Conversations; Dining Services and Courses

Week four:  Social Etiquette; Review and Quiz with take home material