".... all thanks for all those manners you taught me. My family loves the new me!"

B.B., Sanderlin Elementary student

"Thanks for the fun classes. I am definitely planning a visit to The Charleston Tea Plantation!"

Gerri S. (TeaWorld adult session)

"I would surely recommend the adult classes. I did not realize how rusty I was! It was a great reminder about proper dining etiquette during business functions. I can now feel comfortable at the business meetings and interviews in my future--really, any function."

Elaine C., Artist

"While working as a manager at The Renaissance Vinoy Resort St. Petersburg I had many opportunities to witness Priscilla's etiquette expertise with her students related to afternoon tea events and with my staff during her tea service training sessions. Priscilla has a very special gift teaching etiquette to all ages with multiple applications, including customer service."

Burt Thayer

Customer Service Director

Former Marriott Restaurant Manager

"Priscilla teaches well reviewed 'Tea Etiquette' and 'Wine Etiquette' classes for our Osher Lifelong Learning department at USF, Tampa. She is excellent to work with--diligent, kind, intelligent and very responsible."

Joseph McAuliffe

​Osher Lifelong Learning Program Coordinator;

​University of South Florida, Tampa

"We shared clients for years when Prissy worked for a rehabilitative services agency with the Department of Education, State of Florida. She has a reputation of being very professional with high standards. So, I was very pleased when she transferred her talents into her own business!"

Dennis Goodspeed

Vice President Behavioral Health; Lakeview Center, Inc., Pensacola



"I truly appreciate the opportunity to observe your training program with the Gibbs High students at the Renaissance Vinoy in St Petersburg. Your presentation was succinct, informative yet conversational, and provided everyone present with a better understanding of protocol as applicable to business, education and community integration.

You provided extensive situational information that those in attendance would not have otherwise gleaned. Your 'sensible' approach and natural style of incorporating manners and business is a necessity in today's environment. Thank you for the helpful, comprehensive and understandable manner in which you presented "The Right Way to Easy Etiquette."

I am confident that your extensive background and interpersonal skills will make a positive contribution to any individual seeking to identify and build a professional image. Your business is clearly a quality organization with an emphasis on dedication to protocol."

Joyce Rivas, Project Director, Worknet Pinellas

Pinellas County Florida

"Overall, I was extremely satisfied with services from Protocol by Priscilla. Priscilla worked with the 6th and 7th grade students as if they were very important business customers. Thus, the students rose to the expectations. I would highly recommend Protocol by Priscilla to anyone wishing to improve their social and professional protocol skills."

Diane W., Imagine Charter School parent

"Years ago I worked with Priscilla at a Barbizon Modeling School in Pensacola, Florida. Our curriculum was largely devoted to etiquette and comportment. I know we both continue to benefit from the unique experience of being affiliated with a major modeling school."

Priscilla Frey, Educator

"Protocol by Priscilla has my recommendation following my son's training with her...."

Dean L. , Parent of Shorecrest Preparatory School student

"I really like the way Priscilla speaks. Her presentation was thoughtful with no verbal crutches. She uses beautiful grammar and speaks clearly."

Melissa B. , Girl Scout Troop Leader

"Miss Priscilla did an excellent job of instructing our students on proper business etiquette and manners. I witnessed several of our young men truly taking her information to heart. It was a pleasure to see their responses. I would recommend protocol as an ongoing program at our school!"

Terrence T., Imagine Charter School Educator and Marketing Director